It can be strummed, plucked, and picked.

It can be strummed, plucked, and picked. But, it’s also capable of producing other sounds such as percussion and vocals. The guitar is the perfect instrument for artists who want to create an impactful sound.

There are many different types of guitars that people often ask me about when they are considering taking up the instrument: acoustic, electric, classical guitar, steel string acoustic guitar, etc. I recommend getting started with a beginner model but deciding for yourself which type you like best!Guitar is a musical instrument with six strings. Guitarists can strum, pluck, or pick the strings to create sound.

They are popularly used in many genres of music: classical guitar, jazz guitar, flamenco guitar, metal guitar, country guitar and rockabilly. Guitars are also used in popular music including rock and roll and blues music. As well as in other non-musical fields such as automotive racing and aeronautics engineering.